Holistic Counseling

Insurance may cover some of these services. Please contact or call for more information.

It is simply counseling that focuses on mind, body, spirit, and purpose. I find that when clients feel they are living for a purpose, and have taken time to care for mind, body, and spirit, all kinds of unwanted emotions and experiences are decreased or eliminated. As a holistic counselor, I do not send clients immediately to a psychiatrist to receive medications. Instead, I incorporate discussion and education about physical and mental self-care practices, and core skills that may help. Most of the time, these simple practices can lead to great results without the use of medication. In the event that these life changes do not improve overall well-being, I will work with your psychiatrist to ensure the highest quality of care.

Consultation (Free)

We can speak on the phone or in person to ensure that my services and personality are best suited for your needs. This appointment is 15-30 minutes long and is entirely FREE. If we determine Purposely Mindful is not best for you, I will provide recommendations for alternative sources of care.

Individual or Couples Assessment ($150)

After your consultation, we will meet in person for 90 minutes to gather pertinent information and form a plan which will help us prepare to overcome obstacles in your life.

Individual Counseling ($110 per 1 hr session)

During this time we work together to enact the plan we made during your assessment. We cover the difficult topics, and take action to ensure positive growth and change in your overall well-being.

Couples Counseling ($110 per 1 hr session)

At no additional fee, I will work with you and your partner to re-establish a healthful connection, communication pattern, and direction for your relationship.
Insurance may not cover this service.